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Login using your e-mail address

Make your life easier. Create a My Vodafone account to have all your services and accounts conveniently in one place.

We are rolling out e-mail login gradually – currently only a small group of customers can use it, but do not worry, you will soon be able to join them. Just keep an eye on the banners in the Self Care.

How does it work?

As a new feature, it is possible to log in to your My Vodafone Self Care (both web and app) using your e-mail address and a password of your choice. You can then conveniently manage all of your services and accounts in one place – and not just your own, but also those of your family and friends.

You will continue using your existing numerical code to access the Voice and SMS Self Care or for communication with Vodafone (in store, on the customer care line). You can find this code in your Self Care and you can change it at any time.

What benefits does this bring?

  • Easier and safer access
  • Setting up your own password and its easy recovery
  • Overview of all your accounts, services and access privileges in one place
  • The possibility to manage accounts together with your friends and family or within your company

How can I activate this?

  1. The new login method will be offered to you through a banner in the Self Care or in the app, or via e-mail.
  2. As you register, you will enter your unique e-mail address, set up your password and confirm everything with an SMS verification code.
  3. A verification e-mail will then be sent to your e-mail address, which you have to confirm within 24 hours. After you log into your My Vodafone account, you will be all set!

Keeping an eye on your family

You will have the numbers of your children, parents or grandparents under control conveniently in one place. Set up mobile data for your children or pay grandma’s bill with just a couple of clicks.

Keeping an eye on your company

Stop worrying. Hand over administration of company phone numbers to someone else while keeping everything under control in your profile. You can easily add and remove permissions online.

Why and how can I connect other accounts?

Because it will make your life easier. You can manage the accounts of your grandma, daughter, son, father, brother, your colleague – or anyone you need – and still find everything in one place, in your profile. You can also hand over administration of your number to someone else. Even within your company.

How can I do this? It’s very easy – just send an invitation from your profile to the person’s e-mail address. Once they accept it, you’re all set! Or, when you accept an invitation you’ve received, you become the administrator of that person’s number.

Frequently asked questions

Why is logging in by e-mail safer?

Primarily because you choose your own password. You can now include letters and special symbols in your password (until now, only numerical codes were allowed). If the password contains other symbols than just numbers and is at least 8 characters long, you can be sure it is really strong.

How do I know I can start logging in using my e-mail address?

Once the new way of logging into your My Vodafone account is available to you, you will see a special banner after logging into your Self Care. We will gradually be making login by e-mail address available to more customers. If you are really interested in trying out this new function, let us know at https://tam.je/dotaz and we will try to make it happen for you.

Is the password for the Self Care account the same as the password to my e-mail?

You set up your own password when registering your My Vodafone profile. We will never request that you give us the password to your e-mail account and for safety reasons we recommend that you use a different password for your Self Care account.

Will Vodafone send offers to the e-mail address I used during registration?

The e-mail address is only used to log into the application and for My Vodafone Self Care web access. We will only send information regarding your My Vodafone account to this e-mail address. If you choose the same e-mail address you have listed as your contact e-mail, you will keep receiving information just like you are used to.

Do I have to sign up for this new method of logging in?

Right now, the decision is yours. But it brings benefits you will appreciate once you have tried the new method. However, in future we plan on making this the only way of logging in, so why not start taking advantage of the benefits right now?

What if I did not receive a message to confirm my e-mail address?

First, try checking the spam folder in your e-mail inbox. If you cannot find the message, you will have to resubmit the registration form. The SMS verification code remains valid for 7 days, so you can reuse it within this period.

Has the verification e-mail message expired?

The verification link remains valid for 24 hours. Once it expires, you have to resubmit the registration form. The SMS verification code remains valid for 7 days, so you can reuse it within this period.

What if I cannot log in after I registered?

Your e-mail address needs to be verified before you can log in. Open your e-mail inbox, find the message we sent to you and verify your e-mail. The verification link is valid for 24 hours. Once it expires, you have to resubmit the registration form.

What if the SMS verification code has expired?

The verification code expires in 7 days. If it has expired, contact our customer care line by dialling *77 and our team will send you a new confirmation code. You may also generate a new code using the banner after signing in with your number and administrative password.

What if the e-mail address is already in use?

The e-mail address you have filled in is already in use and cannot be registered for a second time. Log in to your My Vodafone profile using this e-mail address and the password you set up during registration. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

What if I never received anything, but I want to register?

Dial *77 and get in touch with our customer care line. The operator will check whether it is possible to make logging in using your e-mail address available to you. Right now, we are in trial mode and it is not possible to activate this option for all customers.

What happens if someone misuses my e-mail?

Your e-mail account and the login details for your Vodafone account are separate. The e-mail address functions as a login name. However, if you suspect someone might be misusing access to your Vodafone Self Care, you can unlink all access privileges.

I have set up my e-mail login, but I can still access my account using my numerical code. Why?

E-mail login is currently in its early stages, so we still allow logging in using both methods. However, only e-mail access will be available in future. For this reason we recommend you start using your e-mail login exclusively.

Who can grant access to whom?

Only the Payer and the Administrator can grant access to others. The Administrator can grant access to Payers and Users with respect to the whole Customer Account (CA). The Payer can grant access to individual users.

Multiple people will be sharing my account; is this safe?

Neither the profile nor the access will be shared. On the contrary – with this new solution, you will have information about who has access to your account and what privileges they have. If you give your account’s administrator privileges to someone, they will not manage it from your account, but from their own. Of course you can always cancel these access privileges and check access history.

Why is there only a single access for a service and five for the Payer?

We assume that the User is a single person who uses the respective phone number. Payer access is meant e.g. for company accountants who manage multiple numbers of a given Payer and deal with invoices. In such cases, it may be important to allow for personal substitutability and therefore also for multiple accesses.

Why am I unable to send an invitation?

Please make sure the e-mail address is correct. You can also only send an invitation after you have confirmed that you are aware of which account management privileges you grant to the third person by giving them access. If you still cannot send the invitation, log out, then log back in and try sending the invitation again. If you need help, dial *77 to get in touch with our customer care line.

Why am I unable to grant consent after an invitation has been delivered?

Try using a different web browser and make sure you have really confirmed your consent. If the issue persists, dial *77 to get in touch with our customer care line.

Why hasn’t the recipient received the invitation?

Try checking the spam folder in the recipient’s e-mail inbox. On their profile, the sender can also check whether the invitation was actually sent out and whether it is still valid. They can also send the invitation again.

What if the invitation has expired?

The e-mail invitation expires after 5 days; after it has expired, a new invitation must be sent. Contact your administrator or the payer of the account you were supposed to gain access to (in your family or your company).

What if the e-mail does not show correctly, e.g. hotlinks do not work?

Try opening your e-mail inbox in a different browser and permit remote images.