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How do I log in?

You can log in to My Vodafone with an administrator password. You already know this if you have services with us, or you will receive it in case of a new account by SMS. You can find more about passwords in our detailed overview.


I already use My Vodafone

If you already have some services with us and you use My Vodafone, then we will just move the UPC services under your account. You will log in as you are used to.


I don't use My Vodafone

If you do not have any services with us yet, we will create a completely new account for you. You will receive the access data in an SMS. Then you will simply log in.

What does My Vodafone offer?


Fast payment and history Billing for all services nicely in one place.


Easy setup of services. You activate the service change in one click.


Reports on the use of your services quickly and clearly.


Highly rated mobile application My Vodafone, which always offers you something extra, such as competitions.


Vodafone TV settings nicely in one place, from activation to changing the PIN code.


All your services in one place. Mobile tariffs, internet at home and television.

Mobile app

Download the My Vodafone app to your phone now

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I don't know how to log in?

How do I get a password if I don't have a contact phone in UPC?

Can I log in to My Vodafone by e-mail as I used to with MyUPC?

Will My UPC still work and for how long?