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Payment methods will not change

You can still pay the way you are used to.


Payment by transfer

You send the payment to our account every month.


Direct debit

Enabling direct debit right from your account will make life easier.



Czech Post service, which combines multiple payments in one place.

What will change?


Payments are made in advance

At UPC, you pay for services at the beginning of the billing period.

They are paid retrospectively

With Vodafone, you pay for services as standard only at the end of the billing period.

We will transfer any overpayment or arrears to you to future Billings.

The first invoice from Vodafone

The first Billing will be waiting for you at the My Vodafone self-service store a few weeks after our technician visits you at your home. The specific date depends on your new billing period.


Billing by e-mail

For added security, we may not always have a verified email address for you. Therefore, after moving to the Vodafone systems, you will find your invoices only in the My Vodafone self-service. We will send you the login details by SMS at the moment the services are transferred to us.

If you want to receive Billings by e-mail, you must first set up this function in your My Vodafone account.

I want an electronic billing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about my bill?

Can I find payment documents in the mobile application?

What if I get an overpayment or arrears during the transfer?

Can I also find my older Bills in My Vodafone?

I already have a Vodafone mobile tariff, will I have all services on one invoice?