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Start 500 Minutes

Tariff for all who will use hours and hours of calling and also enjoy browsing the internet.

Start 500 Minutes

500 free minutes
After consumption CZK 3.49/min
SMS per CZK 1,51
500 MB
with possible upgrade
by 1 GB for CZK 99 

Gift of extra 500 MB
in My Vodafone app

Price includes VAT and is valid with 24 month contract.

Calls, text messages and MMS 

  • You have 500 Minutes per month. You can call to landline and all mobile networks in the Czech Republic.
  • If you run out of free minutes, the call to any Czech network will cost you CZK 3,49 per minute.
  • SMS will cost you CZK 1,51 to all mobile networks in the Czech Republic.
  • MMS costs CZK 4.54 anywhere in the Czech Republic.
  • Calls on colour and information lines (numbers starting with 840, 844, etc.) can be charged.
  • The remaining free minutes will be transferred to the next billing period. You will use them after you consume all 500 new free minutes.

Internet within the tariff

  • The basic 500 MB is ideal for occasional browsing on the internet, Facebook and emails.
  • Connectivity and coverage speed: Take an advantage of our great 4G LTE internet. In some places, the speed reaches up to 335 Mbit / s. We already cover 99 % of the population.

Now Gift 500 MB in My Vodafone app

  • Now you can get 500 MB free of charge in My Vodafone app. Just use it and pick up your data every month in the My Offers section. The first data will be ready for you two days after you activate the tariff.

Upgrade your data bundle

  • If your data bundle is not enough, you can simply increase it by 1 GB for CZK 99. Anytime you wish, for example, in My Vodafone.
  • In case you run out of data, do not worry, the Internet will still work at full speed. We will automatically increase your data by 100 MB for only CZK 25 and inform you about each increase by SMS.
  • You will have the consumption of data under the control by using service DataStrop (Data Ceiling). It is set at 1.5 GB for the Start 500 Minutes tariff, but you can change it at any time in My Vodafone. When you reach your limit, the Internet stops working in your phone.

Data SIM – Share your data on tablet or laptop

  • From June 11 2017, you can order up to 3 additional Data SIM cards. Then you can use your data bundle also in other devices. The purchase is free of charge, for data sharing you will pay CZK 99 a month for one SIM.
  • You can set DataStrop (Data Ceiling) on Data SIM too. Basic setting is 1GB.
  • Use in a Tablet: The majority of tablets already support mobile networks. Just insert a data SIM card into the correct socket and you can start to surf or browse social networks as you like.
  • Use in a Notebook: Do not restrict yourself to Wi-Fi. Easily connect your notebook to the internet anywhere you need via a USB modem with our data card in.

Roaming and international calls

  • International calls: Prices of international calls depend on the country you plan to call. In case you often make calls to one specific country, you may activate discounted My Country bundle. More information,  a full list of offers and our price list may be found on the International calls site.
  • Roaming: In the EUNorway, Liechtenstein and Iceland you are already at home, so you are calling and sending SMS unlimited and you may use your entire data package.
  • Are you going anywhere else? With the tariff, we automatically set World Roaming service, so you pay only for units that you acctually use abroad. However, you can change your roaming tariff abroad at any time, such as for Roaming for a day. Then you use your home tariff for a daily fee. More information, complete offer and current pricelist can be found on Roaming site.
    Roaming site.

Red Full 20 GB Red Full 5 GB  

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Ordering a new tariff online is unfortunately not possible for non CZ citizens. Leave us your contact, we will get back to you as soon as possible and finish the order together.

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