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Smart 100

Basic tariff for anyone who wants free minutes, unlimited text messages and access to the internet.

Smart 100

100 free minutes
after consumption CZK 3.49/min
within Vodafone network
other CZK 1.51/SMS
100 MB
with possible upgrade
by 250 MB/CZK 99 

Price includes VAT and is valid with 24 month contract.

Calls, text messages and MMS 

  • 100 free minutes/month to landline and mobile networks in the Czech republic.
  • After using up the free minutes we will charge you CZK 3.49/min.
  • Texts are unlimited within the Vodafone network and cost CZK 1.51 to other CZ mobile networks.
  • MMS costs CZK 4.54 to any CZ network.
  • Calls to special services (such as info line 1188) may be charged.
  • Free units which  haven’t been used will be transferred to the next billing period. They will be used only if you consume your new free units.

Usage of the data bundle and benefits of 4G LTE

  • The size and usage of the data bundle: 100 MB is enough for  occasional users who seldom connect to the internet.
  • Internet speed and network coverage: With your data bundle,  you’ll be benefitting from the maximum speed of our 4G LTE internet. The speed may be as high as 225 Mbit/s in selected places. You can also rely on our wide coverage. 99 % of inhabitants are able to connect to the 4G LTE internet and this number is increasing over time.

Upgrade your data bundle

  • After exhaustion of the basic data bundle, we will automatically give you another 50 MB for CZK 49. Thanks to that you will be able to continue browsing through the web at the full transfer rate. We will inform you via SMS that you have run out of your data and also we will let you know each time we charge you for additional data.
  • However if you do not want to receive additional data, you can turn this service off anytime. In that case we will slow down the transfer rate to 20 kbit/s after you use up the basic data bundle. Set your preferences easily in My Vodafone.
  • When you often exceed your basic data bundle It is a good idea to enlarge it with 250 GB Data Bundle Upgrade for CZK 99. Set it up easily in My Vodafone.

Roaming and international calls

  • International calls: Prices of international calls depend on the country you plan to call. In case you often make calls to one specific country, you may activate discounted My Country bundle. More information,  a full list of offers and our price list may be found on the International calls site.
  • Roaming: With the Roaming for a day bundle you make calls, send SMS messages and surf the web just like you do at home for a daily fee. You can change your Roaming service anytime. More information, full offering and price list may be found on the Roaming site.

Red LTE premium Smart 250

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Order our tariffs by phone

Ordering a new tariff online is unfortunately not possible for non CZ citizens. Leave us your contact, we will get back to you as soon as possible and finish the order together.

When you click on "Call me" you agree to be contacted with a business offer.

Frequently asked questions

I want to buy a new number

Buying a new number with one of our tariff is very easy. Just visit our store where we will take care of you.

I want to switch to Vodafone from another operator

If you order our tariff we will transfer your number to our network for free. All you have to do is visit our store where we will take care of you.

May I try the tariff?

Of course, with the 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee, you may try the tariff for one month without any risk. In case you won’t be satisfied with our services, you may cancel the contract without any penalisation. You may also return the cell phone you took on the instalment plan.

Are you a Vodafone customer?

Either you want to switch from a prepaid card to tariff or you need another SIM card

I want to use another tariff on my number

Changing your tariff is very easy. Just visit our store or contact the *77 line. 

Switching from a prepaid card to a tariff

If you have chosen one of our tariffs and want to migrate your number from the prepaid card just visit our store where our employees will be happy to help you.

How can I elongate my contract?

We are happy if you are satisfied with your tariff. In case there are less than 6 months until the contract expiration, you can extend it. According to this you will keep using our services at the discounted price. If the contract expires, we will charge you the standard price.

For extending your contract visit our store or contact the *77 line.