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4 Tariffs and Free Wi-Fi Internet

With Business Red+, you get 4 company tariffs with unlimited calls and SMS, and 4 GB of shared data allowance. Plus, it comes with a portable Wi-Fi connection.

Up to 4 numbers for CZK 1,999 / month + free portable Wi-Fi connection

With Business Red+, you have not only a complete control over the shared account and your spendings, but you can also call and text each other for free. The shared monthly data allowance can be freely distributed among all members. Now it comes with Connection without Cable+ for only CZK 1.00 as a bonus.

Business Red+ company tariff

4 unlimited tariffs with shared data

  • 4x unlimited calls to all networks
  • 4x unlimited SMS to all networks
  • 3 GB of shared data + 1 GB free as a bonus

Cable Free Connection+

Exclusively with the Business Red+ tariff

With Cable Free Connection+, you can establish your own Wi-Fi network wherever you need to. Up to 33 devices can be connected to it at the same time.

The prices are inclusive of VAT.

Order 4 Tariffs and Free Wi-Fi by phone

Unfortunately, non-Czech citizens cannot order the tariffs online. Please leave us your contact details and our corporate specialist will get back to you as soon as possible to help you select the perfect service for your business.