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Vodafone will transfer contacts to smartphones free of charge

12. April 2012

While a year ago, smartphones made 50 per cent of Vodafone´s sales, their share reaches over 80 per cent today. When buying a new device, however, two thirds of customers say they are most concerned about keeping all contacts from their old phone. Therefore, Vodafone has expanded its team of specialists who can transfer customers´ contacts and other content from their old phone to a new one. Vodafone experts are available at all stores in the Czech Republic and the service is free of charge.

“We are ready to help our competitors´ customers as well. If they come to our store, Vodafone experts will offer them the same full support as to our own customers,” says Pavel Kuhn, Marketing Senior Manager at Vodafone.

Vodafone experts can also help customers with the selection of a new device, its set-up and installation of compatible applications. At Vodafone stores, customers are welcome to try out Vodafone´s mobile Internet access and ask for advice when choosing a data tariff. Vodafone experts will be also available nonstop on the phone.

From tomorrow, customers can find all information concerning phone set-up and new data services at www.vodafone.cz/experti. They can also use the site to arrange an appointment with a Vodafone expert in their city. A campaign promoting Vodafone experts is going to be launched on 16 April.