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Vodafone to provide network connection for Care Connect services for the new ŠKODA Kodiaq

02. September 2016

Thanks to Vodafone, the new ŠKODA Kodiaq, officially unveiled yesterday, is ŠKODA’s first vehicle ever to be fully connected to a smart network. An electronic SIM card integrated in the brand new SUV provides constant connection through Vodafone’s broadband network. The driver will thus be able to access a wide range of information about the current state of the vehicle through the Care Connect service. The type of data available include the place where the car was last parked, indication of open/closed windows, the remaining distance to travel, and many more. Care Connect also features the eCall emergency function. Although this service should become a standard for all cars Europe in 2018, ŠKODA Kodiaq offers it already now as part of the Care Connect package. After VW and Audi, ŠKODA is already the third carmaker of the Volkswagen group to honour Vodafone by choosing it as its IoT (Internet of Things) provider. Kodiaq is the first ŠKODA vehicle with a built-in Internet connection by Vodafone and more models are to follow.

ŠKODA Care Connect includes a variety of services such as remote access, proactive service and emergency calls. An integrated SIM card allows drivers to use a smartphone or Internet application to access various vehicle data. For example, the owner will be able to view the car’s current location on his/her mobile phone and check whether the doors are locked and windows properly closed.

Other remote access functions include an online message whenever the car alarm is activated, notification that the driver has left the vehicle, predefined areas or remote control of the vehicle’s horn or lights (which may be of help when trying to find the car at a large parking lot). The proactive service functions allow the owner to schedule service date online or send questions to a helpdesk. Drivers will also be able to call assistance and attach detailed information about the kind of problem they are facing. In the event of an accident or a car crash, the technology will automatically contact ŠKODA’s emergency service, which is available in all European countries. All communication with the vehicle takes place in close and secure environment. The integrated SIM card connects to the ŠKODA service system and all data are sent and received exclusively within this system. This provides robust protection of both the data and the vehicle’s functions against external attacks.