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Vodafone offers prepaid cards with unlimited calls within the network

04. April 2016

From 1 April, Vodafone offers an extended prepaid card based on the popular Group Card. It includes the best-selling CZK 99 bundle with unlimited calls in the Vodafone network. If you opt into the “Program of Four”, you can enjoy calls to four friends or family members at CZK 1.90 per minute.

In the first month of using the card with unlimited calls, you pay only CZK 200 for services which are equal to a total of CZK 249 and include the initial credit of CZK 150 and an unlimited calls bundle for CZK 99. After the first month, you can top up as you need. With the service of  automatic bundle renewal you needn´t worry about reactivating your bundle every month. It gets reactivated automatically on condition that your credit balance is equal to or above CZK 99.

The calls are charged CZK 3.50 per minute, texts to all networks cost CZK 1.90. If you opt into the “Program of Four”, you can enjoy calls to four numbers of your choice at CZK 1.90 per minute. Moreover, with the service of Smart Top-Up, you can get 10 per cent of your credit for free.

Vodafone offers more bundles to go with your prepaid card. The refreshed Group Card will particularly suit the customers who want to call their family or friends within the Vodafone network. The new card will gradually replace the original Group Card without the bundle.




Calls to all mobile and fixed networks in the Czech Republic

CZK 3.50

Calls with the Program of Four

CZK 1.90



SMS to all mobile networks in the Czech Republic

CZK 1.90

SMS to the fixed network

CZK 5.45

SMS abroad

CZK 2.52

MMS a voice messages (to all networks in the Czech Republic and e-mail)

CZK 4.50

Sending MMS from Send MMS
(to all mobile networks in the Czech Republic, e-mail and Accept MMS)

CZK 4.50