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Vodafone tests faster LTE in the Czech Republic

30. June 2015

After introducing the LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology last year, Vodafone has now combined the three LTE bands to achieve a maximum download speed of up to 350 megabytes per second. The novelty is being prepared in cooperation with the Huawei company, supplying elements for next-generation mobile networks.

To achieve a theoretical speed of up to 375 megabytes per second when downloading and 50 megabytes when sending data, Vodafone uses a combination of three radio bands - 800 MHz, 1,800 MHz and 2,600 MHz. The last-mentioned frequency has not been made available for commercial operation yet. With the support of the mobile network and the terminal by Huawei, Vodafone prepares its network for the arrival of new mobile devices able to take advantage of the high LTE rates. 

"Using the Carrier Aggregation function to combine the three bands of the LTE-A network allows us to increase the speed of mobile data transfer significantly and to boost the output of the LTE system. We can now keep high transmission rates, even when great numbers of customers get connected at the same time," says Jiří Švarc, the Head of Network Development at Vodafone. "With this step, we have opened up the opportunity to launch Category 9 LTE devices, arriving this autumn."

"The LTE transmission rate increase results from the market demand for accessible fast mobile internet. The tests we do with Vodafone are a marked step forward in the development of technologies for the combination of multiple bands using the Carrier Aggregation function in a way that will support data downloads at a rate of up to 1 gigabyte per second in the future," adds Jason Xie, Account Director at Huawei Technologies.

Vodafone launched its first LTE in Karlovy Vary two years ago. Today, the fast mobile internet service covers over 87 per cent of the territory of the Czech Republic and nearly 5,000 towns. By the end of the summer, LTE by Vodafone will be accessible in almost every town. The network using the LTE-A technology is now available in Brno, Karlovy Vary and Prague, offering a maximum download speed of 225 megabytes per second. Vodafone keeps expanding the LTE network and increasing the transmission rates. 

The Turbo Internet service offering fast mobile internet through a combination of the 3G and LTE technologies is available to all customers using Vodafone data services. To connect to the LTE network, a SIM card supporting LTE, offered by Vodafone to its customers free of charge, is necessary together with a device supporting the LTE technology. Along with dozens of devices available in the free market, there is a wide offer of smartphones supporting LTE on frequencies used in the Vodafone network in the Vodafone internet store or at the brand shops of the company. 

More information and updated Turbo Internet coverage maps available on www.vodafone.cz/turbo.