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Vodafone offers even more control over customer accounts

09. May 2012

Starting today, Vodafone customers will find new information in My Vodafone on their current utilization of voice and SMS packages. In addition, they can also begin later this week to completely manage their account via Mobile Self-Care, which has a new design and is adapted for smart phones.

Based on feedback from customers, we added an overview of the current utilization of voice and SMS packages to My Vodafone. Customers will see how many minutes and SMS already used in the month out of their tariff or package of free units and how much they have left. Also new is the permanently logged in user will see their account information in the event of Self-Care failure. The last known data are shown.

Mobile Self-Care (ms.vodafone.cz) underwent a complete modification and currently its appearance is almost identical to that of My Vodafone. Customers whose smart phone does not support this application (such as smart phones running Windows Mobile) can manage their account with the easy to use Mobile Self-Care.

The My Vodafone application now contains:

  • An overview of current voice and SMS packages
  • Smart overview
  • Information on the utilization of data within the data package
  • Latest information about billing or credit amount
  • Option to buy additional FUP limit

The main advantages of new Mobile Self-Care:

  • Almost the same look with the My Vodafone
  • Better visualization and clarity of displayed information
  • Offers comprehensive services, such as the complete management of data services and SMS setup packages

The My Vodafone application is free to download in the App Store at: Google http://itunes.apple.com/cz/app/muj-vodafone/id509838162?mt=8  and from Google Play at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zentity.vodafone