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Vodafone is boosting Turbo Internet in first three regions and offers a discount on LTE devices

10. December 2013

As of today, Vodafone is boosting its Turbo Internet with the LTE 900 MHz technology in areas around Litoměřice, the northern part of the Plzeň region and some areas in the Liberec region. Customers in these regions may now use fast mobile Internet through LTE 900 MHz in rural areas and through 3G in urban areas. Vodafone is at the same time announcing a CZK 2,000 discount on smartphones and tablets that support the LTE technology on 900 MHz.

“When we announced Turbo Internet at the end of October, we promised to introduce LTE 900 MHz coverage in the first areas of the Czech Republic in December of this year. Our objective was to launch LTE on the 900 MHz frequency on 64 transmitters. We keep our promises and can now confirm that LTE will be transmitted through nearly 300 base stations before the end of 2013,says Tanja Richter, Vodafone’s Vice-President for technologies. “We can also assure our customers that we will keep adding to our LTE 900 MHz coverage next year to further build up the strength of Turbo Internet. Our project to cover the Czech Republic with fast mobile Internet by the end of 2014 still holds true. Results of the frequency auction that were announced in late November will help us deliver our LTE plans in a more robust way. 

By December 17, 2013, Vodafone plans to roll out the technology in other locations, namely in Central Bohemia, the southern part of the Plzeň region and in North Bohemia. Another wave of coverage extension will happen by December 20, 2013. A complete list of covered areas is available at www.vodafone.cz/turbo.

At the occasion of the LTE 900 launch, Vodafone is also announcing a special discount on smartphones and tables that support the technology and a special discount on its Mobilní připojení (Mobile Connection) tariff. The special offers are available to customers in all parts of the Czech Republic.

Special discount on devices supporting Turbo Internet

  • Special CZK 2,000 discount on smartphones and tablets
  • Available to corporate and retails clients with 24-month contracts
  • Minimum monthly spending of CZK 690 or more
  • In the case of devices purchased through the Vodafone splátky service (Vodafone instalment plan), the discount will apply to the initial instalment
  • The discount will be available until further notice.

Second SIM card with a 50% discount on the Mobilní připojení (Mobile Connection) tariff

  • 24-month contract
  • Available to existing customers who already have an active Vodafone SIM card including services and an active contract with monthly spending of at least CZK 249
  • Customers may buy a Turbo Internet USB modem (Vodafone K5150) for their data SIM card and the Mobilní připojení 10 GB tariff for a special price of CZK 77
  • The discount will be available until further notice.


Second data SIM card

Standard price / month

Special discount price / month
50% discount

Mobilní připojení 4 GB   

CZK 536,43

CZK 268,22

Mobilní připojení 10 GB

CZK 1008,33

CZK 504,17

For further details about the special offers and available LTE devices, go to www.vodafone.cz/turbo. 

Turbo Internet web site

A web site dedicated to Turbo Internet was launched at www.vodafone.cz/trubo on December 10, 2013. It offers comprehensive information about Turbo Internet, the technologies and mobile Internet speeds available in different areas including a detailed coverage map. In the near future, the web site will also post information about the planned roll-out of fast mobile Internet in otehr regions, a list of available devices and, of course, current special offers.

About Turbo Internet

Turbo Internet is Vodafone’s fast mobile Internet service running on the 3G and LTE 900 MHz technologies. Turbo Internet is available to all customers who subscribe to any data service plan offered by Vodafone, have an LTE SIM card and a device supporting LTE 900 MHz, 3G and 2G. Data transfer speeds attainable in this network are comparable with the 3G (HSPA+) system and allow comfortable web surfing. During testing, the technology achieved a real speed of more than 15 Mbit/s.

Thanks to the CS FallBack function, the widespread LTE technology allows users to access data services as well as voice and SMS services. This means that LTE 900 MHz may be used not only in modems, tablets and notebooks but also in smartphones that support LTE on this frequency. The majority of new smart devices supports LTE on the 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz frequencies as well as 2G and 3G, ensuring that the devices will be serviceable long into the future. Examples of suitable devices that are already available in Vodafone shops include smartphones Sony Xperia Z, Nokia 925, Samsung Express 2, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung S4 mini; tablets Sony Xperia Tablet Z and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1; and the Turbo Internet USB modem (Vodafone K5150).