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Vodafone launched a new map of mobile Internet coverage

10. April 2015

Vodafone has launched a new map of mobile Internet coverage at its website. The map selectively displays coverage by different technologies (2G, 3G and LTE) and frequency bands. If you enter the type of your mobile device, the map selects the places covered by the technology supported by your phone or tablet.

Vodafone adds the coverage details based on the feedback received from its customers. The new map makes it possible for users to see which places are covered by the technology and frequency band of their choice. Moreover, Vodafone is the only Czech operator to offer a map which displays coverage according to a given mobile device. Besides these new features, the map has been also redesigned, while the possibility to check the signal in a particular place by right-clicking has been preserved.

The Apple company launched a new version of the iOS operating system which makes it possible to use LTE in the 2100 MHz frequency band. Vodafone uses this band to cover Czech towns and cities.