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Vodafone launches a new responsive version of its Self Care

02. March 2015

After three years of operation, My Vodafone Self Care has been redesigned. The new version offers customers a fresh modern design and a very simple structure. The number of pages was reduced by 40 per cent. The interface is fully responsive and adapts to mobile phones, tablets, as well as bigger screens. Such an extensive customer service in a responsive design is unique in Central Europe. It is available from 28 February.

The use of the Self Care through mobile phones increased by 132 per cent year-on-year. In the last year, 90.2 per cent of all contract customers signed in for my.vodafone.cz. The number of users who hand in their customer requests through mobile Internet increased by 41 per cent.

„We follow the latest trends in web applications and strive to comply with them. The new version of My Vodafone Self Care is primarily based on the feedback we get from our customers,” says Peter Baláž, the Online Care Manager at Vodafone. “The modern design and clearer structure make it much more easier for our customers to set up their tariff as well as payment for additional services,” he adds.

In the new version, Vodafone reduced the number of pages by 40 per cent and significantly simplified the structure. After signing in, the users can immediately see the overview of the most important information, including their spending to date and due amount. The old Self Care at ms.vodafone.cz will no longer be available.