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Vodafone launches new web pages

21. February 2012

Vodafone will introduce tomorrow a new website. Its main benefits are a simpler structure, clearer design and better usability. The pages will also be subsequently connected to Internet Self Care.

"The new website will behave adaptively, meaning that it adapts its appearance to tablets and smart phones as well," said Eva Štípková, Senior Manager of Direct and Interactive Marketing of Vodafone describing one of the major site enhancements: "The Web is built on modern technology HTML5 and CSS 3, so in the future it gives us plenty of opportunities for further development in both the creative and technological realms."

Apart from the modern design, the new site benefits especially from a significant simplification to its overall structure, reducing the number of pages and removing duplicate information.

The site is optimized for browsers that support HTML5 (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and newer versions of MSIE), but is also displayed correctly in older versions not supporting HTML5.

The new website was created over approximately half a year in cooperation with the Žižkov agency, Media Factory. Furthermore, other companies involved were H1, Zaraguza Digital, IBM and Mather Advertures. The basic structure and design of the site are based on Vodafone Global know-how and its usability is proven by customers in the many countries where Vodafone operates.