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Vodafone launches HD Voice introducing best quality voice calls

08. October 2015

Vodafone is expanding its voice service portfolio with HD Voice. Clearer sound of voice, reduced background noise and the best quality of voice calls in general are now exclusively available in Vodafone’s 3G and 2G mobile networks.

At the moment, the HD Voice service is available in the whole of 3G network in the Czech Republic. Vodafone is going even further, however. As the first in the Czech Republic and the first of the Vodafone Group in Europe, Vodafone is going to expand the service to the 2G network, too. This should be completed by the end of the week. Best quality voice calls will be thus available to much more people.

To activate the service, neither installation nor visiting a Vodafone store are necessary. The service becomes automatically active in all phones which support it. It is only necessary that both participants of the call use an HD Voice supporting device.