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Vodafone is going to use NB-IoT to extend implementation of the Internet of Things

29. June 2016

Vodafone is going to launch the Narrow Band – Internet of Things technology (NB-IoT) next year. The final phase of the 3GPP standardization process for this technology, which is designed to implement the Internet of Things, has been completed. The technology offers very good indoor coverage, low expenses and long battery life of end devices, mobility, secure communication in both directions and the possibility to connect a large number of devices in the network.

To extend implementation of the Internet of Things, Vodafone has chosen the standardized solution of NB-IoT which is operated in a licensed radio frequency band. Standardization will foster a massive growth of the Internet of Things as all participants will be now able to use a single technology.

The process of testing the technology in the Czech Republic is going to start in the autumn of 2016. The technology is designed to support solutions in different industries (e.g. energetics, automobile industry, engineering, agriculture, etc.), public health or smart city projects, as well as in the areas of everyday life (including the monitoring and security of households, vehicles, pets, etc.). To use the technology, Vodafone is going to use the existing mobile network to ensure fast and economical implementation of the new solution.

"At the moment, testing of automatic long-distance measuring is under way in Spain and Italy. For both water and gas, the values are being collected and processed. Besides monitoring, NB-IoT also enables long-distance control of end devices. This opens up unpredictable possibilities for saving money and optimization. The companies which will be the first to grasp this potential are sure to gain a significant competitive advantage," says Jiří Švarc, the Head of Network development at Vodafone Czech.

The Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing areas in the world of IT and telecommunications. According to the estimates of the IDC research company, as many as 30 milliard devices will have been connected to the Internet of Things by 2020. The estimates offered by Intel even reach to 50 milliard.

For more information on the NB-IoT technology please go to the Vodafone Group blog at: