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Vodafone moved to its new eco-friendly headquarters

05. January 2015

Having left its headquarters at Vinohradská Street, Vodafone moved to a new location in the Prague quarter of Stodůlky. The new headquarters are situated in the City West complex, near the subway station. The new office building is energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and is LEED Certified.

"The energy efficient and environmentally friendly features, plus the proximity of the subway station were the decisive criteria which led us to choose the new headquarters," says Michal Reynaud, the Head of Property at Vodafone. "Thanks to the Flexi Office program, our employees may work from almost anywhere without being tied to a fixed workplace. Therefore, moving the headquarters and adapting to the new place should not be so demanding for them," he adds.

The LEED Certified buildings feauture a significantly low energy performance. Compared to other buildings of the same size, the City West complex consumes about a third of the energy. Moreover, Vodafone is going to maximize the use of recycled materials and local resources. One of the reasons for moving to a new location was the increasing requirements concerning the ecological parameters of the headquarters.

The construction of the new headquarters was accomplished by the FINEP company. "Not only does the new building save the environment, it also significantly saves the operating costs. The new Vodafone headquarters are one of the first office buildings in the Czech Republic to have received the LEED Certificate," says Tomáš Pardubický, the CEO at FINEP. The company started the construction of the 15,000 m2 office building in the summer of 2012. The building is part of the City West administration complex in the quarter of Stodůlky, which ranks among the most successful projects built in Prague recently. In 2010, the project was awarded in the Best of Realty contest. On the occasion of announcing the Construction & Investment Journal Award, the project also received the Best Office Development award.

Vodafone has been dedicated to the protection of the environment for many years. In the previous headquarters, it managed to run in an energy-efficient mode, for which it received the eco label of the Environmentally Friendly Service by the Ministry of the Environment. Since 2011, Vodafone has been operating the "First Green Network", which is 70 per cent powered through renewable resouces. For the remaining 30 per cent, Vodafone has planted hundreds of thousands of trees in several Czech and Moravian Preserved Areas.