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Vodafone pro rodiny: 3 neomezené tarify v ceně

26. March 2015

As of 1 April 2015, Vodafone is going to offer new unlimited Red+ tariffs for families. The customers will pay for a single unlimited tariff and get three extra unlimited tariffs for free. The basic Red+ tariff includes unlimited calls and SMS to all networks and shared data allowance of 2 GB.

“Parents and kids should not count the minutes when they talk to each other,” says Petr Dvořák, the Vice President for Consumer Customers at Vodafone. “That is why we wanted to offer such an unlimited tariff that would serve the whole family,” he adds.

A special version of the new shared tariff called Business Red+ is going to be available to small and medium-sized businesses. When signing up for this tariff, they will get three extra unlimited tariffs for free. Moreover, business customers will be able to use a greater shared data allowance of 3 GB. For work abroad, they will also receive 12 days of unlimited calls and SMS, plus shared data allowance of 1.2 GB. While there is no age restriction for employees using the unlimited Business Red+ tariff, the third and fourth SIM cards in the basic Red+ tariff can only be used by people under 18 or above 60 years of age.

Shared data are a good and economical solution for families and small businesses. At any time, the account administrator can redistribute the data among the individual members and thus ensure that they will have used up all of their monthly data allowance. Also, the administrator can buy extra data of up to 8 GB.



Unlimited calls and SMS for 4 numbers

Unlimited calls and SMS for 4 numbers

CZK 1.499 Kč 

CZK 1.999

Shared data allowance of 2 GB

Shared data allowance of 3GB

+ 3 times of Vodafone Roaming for a Day for each SIM card (12 times in total) in selected European countries

The new Connection Without a Cable+ offers double speed

Vodafone has been making progress in building the 4G LTE network in big cities, too. Alongside with the growing speed and capacity of the network, Vodafone is now introducing faster Internet connection for homes and weekend homes called Connection Without a Cable+. The improved tariff offers the transmission speed of up to 8/4 Mbps.

“The double speed of the Connection Without a Cable+ is sure to humble most local ADSL connections,” says Martin Mikula, the Data Services Manager at Vodafone, referring to the statistics recently published at Novinky.cz. The  customers using the new tariff can take their modem along to their weekend house or office and connect up to 36 devices to wireless (Wi-Fi) network. 



4/2 Mbps

8/4 Mbps

CZK 349 for existing customers

CZK 399 for new customers

CZK 449 for both new and existing customers

At the moment, Vodafone Turbo Internet covers more than 96 per cent of the Czech population and 84 per cent of the territory of the Czech Republic. Vodafone LTE networks cover 53 per cent of the population and 73 per cent of the territory of the Czech Republic.