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Vodafone will bring a beach to Karlovy Vary

21. June 2012

For the sixth time in a row, Vodafone is the main partner of the International Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Keeping with the slogan “Enjoy loads (translation of the Czech “moře”=sea) of fun in Vary”, Vodafone will offer visitors a city beach, free Wi-Fi, an interesting mobile application, and a lot of fun activities and contests.

The City Beach will be situated at the Hot Spring (Vřídlo), offering free Wi-Fi, ping-pong, pétanque and contests for special beach prizes. Visitors can also have their photo taken in the Baywatch style. Vodafone data experts will be available at the beach to help visitors transfer their contacts into a new phone or set up their phone and services.

Vodafone has also prepared a special mobile phone application called KVIFF Guide, offering a complete cinema program, a city map and up-to-date information on the festival. The application will also allow visitors to book their tickets and win interesting prizes in contests. Booking will be possible via SMS, too.

The festival events can be also followed at the special Twitter account http://twitter.com/VodafoneVary. Besides other information, the site will offer clues for the Wandering Android contest, which will run all through the festival. Winners will get the latest smartphones, including Vodafone Smart II.

Vodafone has also prepared a special offer for its customers. If they activate the Student Bundle during the festival, they can enjoy unlimited calling to four friends for the whole year. The offer is available to people from 15 to 26 years of age. The tariff with the special festival offer can be activated at the Karlovy Vary stores: T. G. Masaryka or OC Varyáda during the festival. For more information please go to http://www.vodafone.cz/vary/.