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Vodafone announced new Chief Finance Officer, Milan Kníže

09. February 2017

Vodafone today announced that it has appointed Milan Kníže as Chief Finance Officer as of 1 April 2017. Current CFO, James Lindsay, will return to the Finance department of the Head Office of Vodafone in London.

Milan Kníže is returning to Czech Republic after two and half years as Regional Finance Executive for African Vodafone Group in London, where he managed all finance matters, governance and key mergers and acquisitions in Africa. Milan joined Vodafone in 2007 as Head of Financial Planning and Strategy and was responsible for planning processes and cost reduction program. He is also managed implementation of key strategic and business initiatives. He also worked in Vodafone Group in the marketing department.

Milan has a Master and Ph.D. degree in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering from the Czech Technical University in Prague and holds a Master degree in Finance from University of Economics in Prague. He spends free time with his two little sons or plays the guitar.

James joined Vodafone Czech republic in 2014 and he has played an important role in the successful turnaround of the business. He has contributed to driving a sustained revenue growth, enhancing control environment and improving significantly employee engagement.