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Vodafone supports legal software

18. July 2012

Vodafone was the first major company in the Czech Republic to be awarded an ISO 19770-1 certificate, intended to standardize IT processes in any size organization. The possession of Software Asset Management certification confirms that the company introduced processes for effective and legal use of software.

"Subscribing to this standard shows that as a company we strive to provide high ethical standards and have our software under control. Responsible business and its principles are for us a part of everyday business," says Eva Tělecká, the senior manager who is in charge of Vodafone's information technology.

Processes for effective and legal use of software have been gradually deployed by Vodafone since 2008. The certification was performed by TCert, and WBI prepared the individual certification for Vodafone. The standard is closely linked with ITIL processes, which is a set of procedures to plan and improve the use of information technology.