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Vodafone opens a new call center, HQ in Ostrava

31. October 2012

Vodafone has decided to expand the number of its call centers by opening a new one in Ostrava. The new, superbly equipped offices are operated by Comdata Czech. The company currently employs in Ostrava call center staff of about 50, and this number should increase by the end of March 2013 to 100 employees. Call center operators in Ostrava will represent 20 % of all Vodafone operators.

"To ensure the highest quality of customer care, all operators working in Ostrava go through the same training as our other operators, each of which will be certified by us," says Milan Žalud, Partner Project Manager of Vodafone. 

Vodafone's main call center with more than six hundred employees is located in Chrudim. In June, Vodafone also opened a call center in Ústí nad Labem, which is operated by Xerox. One reason for opening a call center in Ostrava is the strengthening of regional diversity. 

"Operators in Ostrava will work exclusively for Vodafone and focus on providing the best customer support. We believe that cooperation will be very similar to the one we have with Vodafone in Italy, which successfully operates partnerships for more than 10 years already," says Salvatore Cosma, Country Manager of Comdata Czech in Ostrava.

Each operator at a call center responds to more than 100 customer calls per day.