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Vodafone organizes the mobile services for the C.S.CARGO Group

05. October 2010

Vodafone Czech Republic will provide mobile services for the transport and logistics group, C.S. CARGO, from September. That, together with the five companies within C.S.

Vodafone Czech Republic will provide mobile services for the transport and logistics group, C.S. CARGO, from September. That, together with the five companies within C.S. CARGO holdings, adds hundreds of voice and data SIM cards for quality communication between its staff as well as the monitoring and security of their vehicles. Vodafone strengthens its position in the large company segment thanks to the convergence solutions of Vodafone OneNet, which optimizes telecommunications services expenditures. Currently, the Vodafone OneNet solution is used by more than 1,000 large corporate customers.

"For almost three years, we have been a respected partner in the business customer segment. We were mostly helped in this by the comprehensive telecommunications solution, Vodafone OneNet, with which our customers can optimize costs for ICT services," said Pavel Hlavinka, Vice-President for Corporate Customers at Vodafone, and adds:" Part of our smart solutions and specialized services are based on the principle of ‘machine to machine’ communication."

"Vodafone will help us to guarantee reliable voice and data communications, with which we can achieve substantial savings and better quality thanks to the monitoring of company phones," said Petr Šimek, Head of Central Procurement at C.S.CARGO.

Vodafone offers telecommunications services over fixed and mobile networks for all businesses, from the smallest of entrepreneurs through to medium-sized businesses and up to large multinationals.

About Vodafone Czech Republic

Vodafone (originally Oskar) won its license to operate a mobile GSM telecommunications network in October 1999. Shortly thereafter, it became the fastest growing operator and set a new record in the history of GSM – in 9 months it covered 98% of the Czech population with its signal. In 2002, the company reached the one million-customer mark and, in 2005, it won the license to build and operate a 3G network. In the same year, it became part of the world’s leading telecommunications company, Vodafone Group. Today, it provides services for more than three million corporate and retail customers. The company is also active in Corporate Social Responsibility and, in 2006, established the Vodafone Czech Republic Foundation, through which it has already distributed more than CZK 50 million to the nonprofit sector. You can find more information at: www.vodafone.cz.


C.S.CARGO is an international holding company operating in the field of logistics services in eight European countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Its parent company C.S. CARGO Holding NV is registered in the Netherlands. Directly and through C.S. CARGO Management, Inc., it manages logistics companies operating in the Czech Republic (C.S. CARGO, a.s.), the Slovak Republic (C.S.CARGO Slovakia, a. s.), Poland (C.S. CARGO Polska S.A.) and in other European countries.

C.S. CARGO Holding is among the CEE region's leading companies, providing comprehensive transportation and logistics services. The group, which was established in 1995, in 2009 achieved a turnover of EUR 189.6 million (CZK 5,015 million). Group EBITDA in 2009 totaled 18.9 million (500 million CZK). That amount ranks the holding company as one of the strongest logistics companies in Central and Eastern Europe.