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Vodafone offers a limited Christmas edition of pre-paid cards

07. November 2012

From 15 November, Vodafone is going to offer a limited Christmas edition of pre-paid cards named Vodafone Card No Limit. The card will allow customers to make on-net calls of up to one hour for CZK 7. Customers who activate the card by 31 January 2013 will also get 100 free SMS to all networks for one month. Vodafone Card No Limit is a follow-up of the once very successful Oskarta without Limit.

“As with all our pre-paid cards, customers activating the new card can call the Customer Care line free of charge, use up their credit in 10 months and top up the card anytime in more than ten different ways,” says Michaela Edgerley Šťovíček, Director of Pre-Paid Services at Vodafone.

The new card costs CZK 200; the customer receives a credit in the same amount. Calls to other networks cost CZK 7 per minute, SMS cost CZK 2.40. Per-second billing after the first minute will apply.

Current customers of Vodafone will be able to switch to the new card with their current number. 

On 15 November, Vodafone is going to launch a marketing campaign promoting this offer in radio, press, OOH and on-line media.

The card is going to be on sale from 15 November 2012 to 31 January 2013, or while supplies last. Otherwise, it can be used for calls for an unlimited period of time.