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Vodafone upgrades its 2G network, strengthens the signal in the countryside and in buildings

07. February 2012

Vodafone is upgrading its 2G network. Thus enhancing the signal customers recorded in rural areas and in cities indoors. The modernization will affect all of the operators 2G transmitters. The supplier of this new technology is the company Huawei.

"By upgrading all of our transmitters to make full use of the 900 MHz band, which will improve the signal inside buildings in cities over 20,000 people and improve coverage as well as in selected rural areas," said Martin Toman, senior manager of radio network planning. Thanks to this new technology, Vodafone will also increase the capacity for EDGE signal transmitters and raise the coverage for population of the Czech Republic to expand from the current 95% to 99.1%.

Vodafone began a pilot program for the modernization of 140 transmitters in the second half of 2011 in Pardubice and Kolín, from January 2012, the modernization project 2G has gone at full speed. This modernization will last four years, during which the operator will install the upgraded technology to all its existing transmitters. In the same period it also increased its number of transmitters by 10%.

In connection with the modernization of 2G networks, the owners of some of the oldest types of phones may encounter difficulties with the signal in certain areas, because these phones are not able to use the 900 MHz band in its entirety. Vodafone itself  has not offered these types of phones to customers ever. "These phones are used in our network by only a few hundred customers. If this kind of customer come to us, we will offer them a newer type of phone for a very reasonable price," explained Martin Toman.

Vodafone also continues to expand its 3G signal, which currently covers over two thirds of the Czech population. At the end of March 2012, 3G signal covered more than sixty other cities and municipalities.