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Vodafone presents a free Tariff for children

10. September 2013

Vodafone continues the Red tariff tradition and provides an offer for children. The package will be called "free tariff for children" and any parent who uses a Red tariff, Red with all the trimmings, or Red Premium with a contract, can get it for their children. If parents take this offer by the end of October, the child gets free unlimited calls and SMS to Vodafone numbers and 20 MB of data. Vodafone also supports long-term the safety of children using mobile phones.

"We want to show parents that they need not be afraid to give their kids a cell phone even at an earlier age. It is important to be well informed about how their child uses a cell phone. A mobile can also help keep children accountable. Therefore, we decided to offer a tariff for kids from six years," says Petr Dvořák, Vice President for Retail Customers at Vodafone. 

"That being said, a mobile equals responsibility. A responsibility for the child and the parents. The child is required to 'equip' himself not only technically, but also with the knowledge of the working rules of the real world and it‘s always available to him in the event of an unusual situation. Installing security software or a parental lock should be enough," says Tomas Přibyl, a security specialist.

Free tariff for kids:  

Free tariff for kids: 
Unlimited calls within Vodafone network Unlimited SMS within Vodafone network
20 MB Internet 0 CZK per month

Any parent who uses the Red, Red with all the trimmings, or Red Premium with a contract (it also applies to the tariff Unlimited calls to all networks for 691 CZK) tariffs, can get this for their child. It's available to children from 6 to 12 years old. Any parent who meets these conditions, may get the tariff for one child. This is a promotional offer, valid until the end of October.

The child free tariff campaign will run from the 16th of September on TV, in print, online and on outdoor media. There's a special page: www.vodafone.cz/ditezdarma on which parents can find information such as how to secure a child's mobile.

Vodafone has long supported the safe use of mobile phones. Parents can help their children to activate the FlexiStrop (FlexiRoof), a safe limit on spending. In addition, Vodafone also supported the creation of a number of beneficial applications, such as Vodafone Safety Net, a free application for Android that allows you to set your smartphone safe for children. 

Tarif Red on network for students:

Vodafone now also offers students the tariff, Red on network, for 100 crowns cheaper, so, for the price of 399 crowns.

Tarif Red on network for students:
Unlimited calls within Vodafone network Unlimited SMS within Vodafone network
150 MB Internet 399 CZK per month

The offer is available for children and students from 6 to 26 years. If the child is younger than 18 years, it will be managed by their guardian. This applies to a contract for two years. More information about the offer will be available at www.vodafone.cz/student 

Customers can get both offers from the 12th of September