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Vodafone to cover the Czech Republic with fast internet by December 2014

31. October 2013

Vodafone is going to cover over half the area of the Czech Republic with fast mobile internet technologies 3G and LTE by March 2014. By December 2014, almost everybody in the Czech Republic will be able to access LTE running on 900 MHz (Turbo Internet Powered by LTE), available to all Vodafone customers with a data plan. All the investments in the 900 MHz LTE will later be utilised in migration to the LTE frequencies gained in the auction.

Thanks to the latest cutting edge network technology in the Czech Republic, Vodafone is poised to offer its customers fast mobile LTE internet. To bring LTE to its customers, Vodafone will use the continuous 3 MHz band in the 900 MHz frequency spectrum. In theory, this enables speeds of up to 20 Mbps, with real-world tests showing speeds of more than 15 Mbps which is comparable to 3G (HSPA+), and as such is great for mobile internet.

Our goal is to make high-speed mobile internet accessible to the largest number of customers as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ll start covering smaller towns and the countryside with LTE technology where there is no high-speed mobile internet at the moment,” says Tanja Richter, Vice President Technology at Vodafone. “Building LTE on 900 MHz is the first step we’re taking towards building LTE network on frequencies we will gain from the auction.”

This technology is adjusted to allow customers to use voice, SMS and data services. This will allow customers to use the 900 MHz LTE not only in their modems, tablets and laptops but also smartphones which support this LTE band. The majority of new smart devices support LTE in 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz bands along with 2G and 3G technologies ensuring their long term viability. 

All Vodafone customers with a data plan, LTE SIM card and an LTE 900 MHz enabled device will be able to access Turbo Internet. Some of the devices already available from Vodafone shops include Smatphones Sony Xperia Z, Nokia 925, Samsung Express 2, Samsung Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung S4 mini, tablets Sony Xperia Tablet Z and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and modem Vodafone K5150.

We will keep you up to date with more 900 MHz LTE-related news in the upcoming weeks.