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Vodafone cuts down the roaming rates in the EU

28. May 2014

As of 1 July 2014, Vodafone is going to reduce the roaming rates for calls within the European Union, i. e. Zone 1. The price reduction relates to the Vodafone World Roaming tariff and applies to all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, MMS and data connection. At the same time, Vodafone is going to terminate the provision of the callback service used by pre-paid customers for calls from abroad.

EU countries + Switzerland (Zone 1)

Original rates CZK

Rates valid from    1 July 2014


Outgoing calls



Incoming calls



Outgoing SMS



Outgoing MMS



Internet (CZK/MB)



The prices include VAT.

All incoming SMS are free of charge. The rates for calls from the European Union (Zone 1) to the countries outside the EU remain unchanged, i. e. CZK 7.47 per minute. The Vodafone World Roaming tariff will particularly suit to customers who do not call, sms or access Internet much when abroad.

Other customers travelling in the European Union or Switzerland will rather appreciate the Vodafone Roaming For a Day tariff. For a single daily fee of CZK 99, they can use their free minutes and SMS to all networks as if they were at home. The customers who have signed up for any of the unlimited tariffs can call and sms unlimitedly and surf through up to 100 MB a day. All incoming calls and SMS are free of charge. This tariff is available to all customers using the Red, Tailor Made,  Fair or Start tariffs. The Red Premium tariff already includes roaming in Zone 1.

The customers using the Vodafone World Roaming tariff within the EU are going to be informed of the price reduction by SMS. The prices of other roaming tariffs remain unchanged.

At the same time, Vodafone is going to terminate the provision of the callback service used by pre-paid customers for calls from abroad (access code  *123*). In the countries where using the callback service is required to make international outgoing calls, customers will not be able to make such calls. They will only be able to receive calls, send SMS and MMS, or use data connection. However, Vodafone statistic data reveal that in the past five months, this service was used by only 182 customers. In most countries, pre-paid customers are no longer required to use the callback service and can call directly.

For more information on the new roaming rates, please see Vodafone World Roaming at www.vodafone.cz/roaming. For more information on the termination of the callback service as well as on the countries requiring it, please see How to use roaming - Topping-up credit at www.vodafone.cz/roaming.