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Vodafone Czech Republic Preliminary Results Announcement For The Year Ended 31st March 2015

10. June 2015

Vodafone reported a mobile services subscribers’ growth of 41 thousand from October 2014 to March 2015. Mobile customer base is back to growth in second consecutive quarter after 2 years of decline.

“These great results prove that our strategy focused on providing a great customer experience, fast mobile internet rollout and mobile data enablement is successful. In the last two years Vodafone invested heavily in building 4G network in the Czech Republic, with an overall investment of over 5 billion CZK,” said Balesh Sharma, CEO Vodafone Czech Republic.

Vodafone has put more than 3000 4G base stations into operation and changed the game by innovatively rolling out fast mobile data technology (Turbo Internet) in regions rather than big cities. So far 97 % of the Czech population and 87 % of the territory of Czech Republic is covered by Turbo Internet.

One of the results of Vodafone’s still expanding 4G coverage is the growing number of sold 4G devices. In March 2015, 80 % of all devices sold by Vodafone supported LTE and the number has been stably increasing for several months.