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V rámci příprav na LTE Vodafone čtyřikrát rozšiřuje optickou síť

22. October 2012

Vodafone is preparing for the arrival of LTE and expanding its core network by 4,500 km of optical fiber. The length of the fiber optic network used by Vodafone customers will increase to a total of 6000 km. Along with the recent launch of HSPA + DC in 44 cities, it is another step to increase the capacity and speed of current and future data transmissions. Over the course of 2013, the new optical network will connect more than 70 cities in the Czech Republic.

"With this fiber optic expansion, Vodafone guarantees a quality backbone for the operation of its current and future mobile networks," says Colin Shea Vice President for Strategy and Planning at Vodafone, adding: "All six thousand kilometers of fiber optic network in the Czech Republic will link up with the national and international Vodafone data networks."

Third-generation network data services from Vodafone are available to more than 73% of the population and Vodafone customers can enjoy the highest speed with HSPA + DC regardless of the tariff.