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Vodafone integrates its offer of smart devices for loyal customers

02. March 2015

Vodafone integrates its offer of smartphones and tablets for loyal customers into a single proposition. Customers can now combine a selected device with a tariff of their own choice. Other advantages include a low initial payment for the device and a possibility to combine a tablet with the Red LTE tariffs and another data SIM card for free.

Vodafone strives to make its offer for loyal customers as simple and favourable as possible. The smartphones and tablets are no longer packaged with particular tariffs and customers can now choose a tariff which really suits their needs. The devices available in March include, for example: the Samsung GALAXY A3 and LG G3 smartphones, as well as the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G and Apple iPad Air 2 64 GB tablets.

The selected smartphone or tablet can be combined with any of the Red LTE, Red LTE Plus or Red LTE Premium tariffs. Moreover, tablets also go with the Mobile Connection 4 GB or 10 GB data tariff. All devices support the fast LTE network. At the moment, Vodafone’s Turbo Internet covers 96 per cent of the Czech population.