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Vodafone allows for travelling abroad without extra charges for calls

03. May 2016

From 1 May 2016, the customers using the Red LTE Premium tariff are going to be able to use Roaming for One Day all month long. They will be able to use their unlimited tariff when abroad in the same way as if they were at home – anytime and everyday.

“A lot of our customers often travel abroad and they need to communicate comfortably not only when they are at home, but particularly when they are abroad. We want to comply with their needs and that is why we have introduced a new roaming solution,” says Petr Dvořák, the Vice President for Consumer Customers at Vodafone.

Being available at CZK 1 599, the Red LTE Premium and the Business Red LTE Premium tariffs now cover the roaming services in Europe. The existing customers can use the new solution automatically without being charged any extra fee. Until now, these customers could use only 5 days of Roaming for One Day per month and they were charged CZK 69 for any extra day.

Roaming for One Day can be activated for other tariffs, too. For CZK 69, it gives you 24 hours to call and send SMS from abroad as if you were at home, as well as to use up to 100 MB of your data.

The Red LTE Premium tariff will surely pay off for Czech customers. According to the statistics made in 2014, their single holiday abroad was 9.2 days long on average.