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New Vodafone Student Tariff: 1.2 GB of data and unlimited SMS for CZK 494

19. August 2014

Vodafone offers two new student tariffs with 1.2 GB of data, 600 free minutes to all net and unlimited text messages. This tariff without a contract will cost CZK 494 and in a package together with the Sony Xperia E1 smartphone for just one Czech crown, customers can get it all for CZK 579 CZK month.

Young people under 26 years old can get an interesting tariff that will provide them a free hand in communication. In this age group, data and SMS are most often used.

Student Tariff in detail:

Student Tariff

Without phone (and without contract)

With phone (and with contract)


CZK 494

CZK 579 (+1 for the phone)

Data volume

1.2 GB

1.2 GB

Number of SMS

Unlimited (all net)

Unlimited (all net)

Number of minutes

600 (all net)

600 (all net)

More information at: http://www.vodafone.cz/tarify/#pro-studenty.