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Jana Žůrková becomes the new Vice President for Business Customers at Vodafone from February 2016

11. January 2016

Jana Žůrková is coming from GE International where she held senior positions in the Czech Republic, Britain and Germany. At Vodafone, she is going to be responsible for business customers.

Jana Žůrková graduated from Philology at the Masaryk University in Brno and from Economy and Management at the Mendel University in Brno. She also completed scholarship studies at the University of Glasgow, as well as the Crotonville Leadership Training and West Point Leadership Development Course. 

She started her career at Accenture, managing projects for some of the leading European financial institutions. During her subsequent career at GE Capital, she significantly helped to launch the company´s products at new markets and to expand its commercial portfolios in several European countries. In her latest position, she was responsible for the expansion of the Shared Service Centre for customer acquisition in North and South America. 

Jana speaks English and German. Her hobbies include skiing, running, cycling and yoga.