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Enjoy your holiday with Vodafone wherever you go

20. June 2016

At the beginning of the summer, Vodafone´s LTE (4G) data network covers as many as 97 per cent of the Czech population and 86 per cent of the territory including popular tourist destinations. Wherever you spend your holiday, you can enjoy fast mobile Internet there, be it in the remote corners of the Czech Republic, or by the sea abroad. Thanks to our new roaming plans, using Internet abroad is even more accessible now.

The end of June traditionally marks the start of the holiday season and regular weekend trips, which are ever more difficult to enjoy without a smartphone and fast mobile Internet. Mobile navigation, tourist maps, timetables, weather information and sharing your experience through social networking websites have become part and parcel of travelling. 

The fast development of the 4G Internet network and the ever more advantageous offer of data roaming schemes allow users to use their smartphone freely on holiday and to plan their travels regardless of WiFi availability. For a fixed and low fee, Vodafone offers you enough data for navigation as well as for sharing your holiday pictures and browsing the web even when you travel abroad.

"In the summer, we want to make communication even more comfortable for our customers and therefore we have prepared several advantageous roaming bundles. These allow you to call and send SMS in Europe under the same conditions as if you were at home. You can enjoy fast mobile Internet both abroad and at home when picking up blueberries, for example, as we offer the best coverage of the countryside ever," says Petr Dvořák, Vice President for Consumer Customers at Vodafone. 

If you travel abroad, you will surely appreciate the new Roaming for 7 Days. For a fee of CZK 300, it allows you to call and send SMS under the same conditions as if you were at home. Each day, you can use up to 100MB of mobile data. Even if you travel abroad for just one day, you don´t have to wait home to share your pictures at Facebook or Instagram - with Roaming for One Day, which costs you CZK 69, you can send them right away from Vienna or Dresden. 

How to use LTE to the full on holiday

Holidays and trips provide a great opportunity to use your smartphone to the full as it can replace your car navigation, tourist maps or a compass. Smartphone allows you to have fun with geocaching or discover a good restaurant which you would easily miss otherwise. Let alone the potential it offers when searching for accommodation or transport at the last moment, for example.

How to get LTE from Vodafone

To use the fastest mobile Internet, you only need a smartphone or a tablet with LTE support, a Vodafone data tariff and an LTE SIM card, which you can get free of charge in exchange for your old one at any Vodafone store. The signal availability and strength in the given area can be checked in advance through an interactive coverage map at www.vodafone.cz/mapa-pokryti.

Vodafone offers devices with LTE support at special prices via e-shop as well as at its stores. The latest LTE smartphone Vodafone Smart prime 7 is available for CZK 3,277 without commitment. 

Selected campsites with LTE coverage in the Czech regions

South Bohemia

Vodácký kemp Na Pískárně na řece Vltava

Kemp Koruna pro vodáky na řece Vltava

Kemp a vodácké tábořiště Podskalí na řece Otavě

South Moravia

Kemp Merkur Pasohlávky na břehu Novomlýnské nádrže

Tábořiště Mušov na břehu horní (Mušovské) novomlýnské nádrže

Kemp Pálava na břehu spodní novomlýnské nádrže

Karlovy Vary

Kemp a tábořiště Vojkovice na řece Ohře

Kemp Varry

Hradec Králové

Autokemp Rozkoš

Kemp Stránský Adršpach


Autokemp Zátiší na řece Jizera

Autokemp Klůček u Máchova jezera


Autokemp Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

Kemp pod kaštany


Autokemp Krásné

Autokemp Přehrada Mostkovice


Autocamping Pod Černým lesem Žamberk

Autokemp Seč Pláž


Autokemp a vodácké tábořiště Sušice na řece Otava

Autokempink Nové Městečko

Central Bohemia

Tábořiště U Hrocha na řece Sázava

Autokemp Mělník

 Ústí nad Labem

Autokemp Aljaška

Chatový kemp Oáza

Autokemp Kamencové jezero


Kemp Osada Souhvězdí

Rekreační středisko a kemp Záseka

Kemp Milotičky


Autokemp Luhačovice

Rekreační středisko a kemp Monte Lope