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Vodafone is ready for Electronic Sales Registration

10. February 2016

Vodafone offers a unique solution to all businesses, including small entrepreneurs, which helps them to safe their money and time. The eCashDesk application enables them to keep register of their transactions' date, to issue electronic bills as well as to keep track of their stock. A simple and inexpensive solution will also help them to switch to the system of electronic sales registration.

Vodafone launched the eCashDesk application in November 2015 in response to the Electronic Sales Registration Act, which has been discussed for a long time and passed this week.  Vodafone eCashDesk is a comprehensive solution which allows entrepreneurs to keep track of all their business transactions, to comply with the legal obligation and to make their business easier.

The application can be downloaded at App Store or Google Play. It can be installed on any smartphone or tablet using the Android operating system version 4.3 and higher, or iOS version 7.0 and higher. To activate the application, a licence with a monthly fee has to be bought.

The application is available in two basic versions which differ in the monthly fee and the range of functions. The cheaper and simpler Vodafone eCashDesk Standard offers register of an unlimited number of items and is particularly suitable for small entrepreneurs. Besides cash, the application can also accept meal vouchers. In order to accept payment cards, it is necessary to connect the application to an mPOS mobile payment terminal, which can be provided by Vodafone's partner bank.

The Vodafone eCashDesk Complete offers a number of advanced features, such as comprehensive stock administration or effective communication with suppliers. This version is particularly suitable for restaurants, cafés or bigger shop owners as it allows to take multiple orders for different tables before issuing a bill. 

The bills can be printed on a portable bill printer which can be connected via bluetooth. The Bixolon printer costs CZK 5,377 including VAT and can be paid in instalments.


eCashDesk versions

Type of business

Monthly fee incl. VAT


Retail, fastfood restaurants, comprehensive services (e.g. garage)

CZK 300


Retail, restaurants

CZK 420

From Novenber 2016 when the Electronic Sales Registration Act is supposted to take effect, enterpreneurs will be required to enter a special number code provided by the Ministry of Finance into the application. From that moment, all sales data will be submitted online to the Financial Administration. Although eCashDesk can work offline, Internet access will be necessary in order to submit the required information to the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

For more information please go to www.vodafone.com/epokladna.