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No credit, no problem

10. November 2014

Vodafone is introducing a new service called Survival Credit. The customers whose credit drops below CZK 50 can borrow another CZK 50. The amount gets credited immediately upon ordering. The service is based on Vodafone's trust in the customers; it is charged CZK 5 and can be used again as soon as the borrowed amount has been paid. It is always up to the customers to decide if they want to use the offer or not.

The service, which is being introduced in the Czech Republic after a success abroad, is intended for all existing customers with pre-paid cards. It is available to the customers who have been using Vodafone services for at least three months, who have topped up at least CZK 500 and whose current credit is lower than CZK 50. These customers get an offer to use the service every time they want to make a call. If they want to use it, they just confirm it (there is no need to call the Customer Service).

The service can also be activated through My Vodafone application, or by sending a free-of-charge SMS in the form of KPZ 50 to 7700, or thhrough the Web Self Care service (from 21 November). The activation fee of CZK 5 gets deducted automatically together with the borrowed amount upon the next top-up.

The offer is available from 8 November.